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Dr. Rebecca Gogel


Karis and Dave Strauss (Presidents)
Laura and Adam Antoyan
Becky and Bryan Chanawatr
Tiffanie and Mark Foster
Missy and Jason Harris
Christy and Tom Marr
Susie and Justin McKibben
Kathleen and David Miller
Marlene and Ryan Reed
Cami and Kendall Young
Christina and Erik Zimmerman


Dear CdM Families,

We are off to an exciting start for the 2019-20 school year at CdM High School and Middle School.  Improvements are already in process through support of the CdM School Boosters. Thank you to all who joined over the years to support our students!

 We are writing to invite you to become a member of the

CdM School Boosters for the 2019-20 academic year.

As a member of the CdM School Boosters, you have the opportunity to directly affect Academics, Activities, Arts, and Athletics.  With these funds, our teachers, coaches, and advisors are able to provide programs that set our school apart by enriching the overall student experience.

CdM High School and Middle School continues to maintain its excellence in both national and state rankings.  Your participation in funding the gap between the school budget and program needs is making a difference in helping CdM thrive.  We encourage you to read the enclosed brochure for a list of programs impacted by the 2019-20 CdM School Boosters.

When you join the CdM School Boosters, your donation is tax deductible and you may designate a portion of your donation (over $150) to any department, club, or team of your choice.  In addition, Super Boosters who support by giving $500 or more will receive FOUR athletics passes and Sea King Boosters who support by giving $350-$499 will receive TWO athletics passes.  Finally, corporate matching gifts are welcomed and appreciated.

We hope you will join us in making a difference at CdM.  To become a member, you may donate online through our website, by mail, or at the CdM School Boosters table during registration.

Thank you and Go Sea Kings!

Karis & Dave Strauss

2019-20 Presidents, CdM School Boosters