Traditionally, the Boosters fund items that enhance the curriculum, facilitate the teaching or learning process, benefit both current and future students, foster school spirit and embrace a large number of students. The attached funding request form requires the department head’s signature and two supplier sources (if possible).

Once completed, place the form in the Booster mailbox located in the front office. Our monthly board meetings are usually held on the 1st Wednesday of each month. This changes occasionally so please check the master calendar. Please plan to attend the Board meeting if you are submitting a request greater than $500.

HPFI Flex Lounge Chairs – CDM Moderate/Severe Special Education
5 Scanners – Special Education
2 Flex Robots – Exploring Computer Science (ECS)
Anatomy in Clay Learning System – Human Anatomy & Physiology
Lab Station Equipment – Physics
Practice/Building Supplies – MS/HS Science Olympiad
Scholastic Magazine Subscription and Books – MS Reading Intervention
Books and 4 Bookcases – SAI (Special Education) Language Arts/Comp Lit
Refrigerator for Science Labs – Biology
Utility Balls for Developing Object Control Skills – Adapted PE
Transportation to Norton Simon Museum – AP Art History
CyberPatriots Team Competitions – Computer Science
141 Calculators – CDMMS Math Department
Safety Items & Electronics for Programming Team – Triton Tech/CDM Robotics
20 TI-84 CE Graphing Calculator Teacher Packs – CDMHS Math Department
Technology for LRC – Partnered with Foundation and PTA
Mini Whiteboards and Post It Easel Pads – MS & HS Math Departments
Supplies & Accessories – 8th Grade Exploration in Tech (Robotics)
Review Books & Student Solutions Manuals – AP Calculus
6 Corning 5×7 Hot Plates – Chemistry
Ecological Systems Data Collecting Equipment – Biology & AP Environmental Science
Camera, Microphone, & Clickers – Academy of Global Studies (AGS)

Hack Attack Batting Machine – Baseball
Reusable Uniforms – Boys MS Basketball
Reusable Uniforms – Boys Varsity Soccer
Reusable Uniforms and Equipment – Girls Varsity Lacrosse
Reusable Uniforms – Boys Varsity, JV, & Frosh/Soph Volleyball
Hudl Software – Girls Varsity & JV Basketball
Practice Goals, Balls, & Helmets – Boys Lacrosse
Reusable Jerseys – Frosh & JV Football
Basketballs – CDMHS Boys Basketball
Volleyballs, Carts, Carry Bag, Reusable Jerseys, & Duffle Bags – Girls Volleyball
Reusable Uniforms – Frosh/Soph & JV Girls Soccer
Video Camera & Bag, Fluid Tripod, & Memory Cards – Surf Team
Stationary Bike for Sideline Rehab – Boys Lacrosse
30 Balls, 4 Weight Belts, Belt Slider, & Excel Start It – Boys Water Polo

Musical Devices Used with Computer Tech – Design, Visual, & Media Arts (ROP)
5 Teacher’s Editions of Scholastic Educational Materials – Art Department
Reusable Dance Costumes for Spring Show – CDM Dance
Portable Ballet Bars & Portable Speaker – Orchesis
Drum Mallets – CDM Drumline
Wind Accessories & Supplies – CDM Band
Prelude Cello A Strings – CDM Orchestra
Camera & Accessories – CDM Vocal Music
Storage Bins, Hangers, & Marley Tape – Orchesis

Reusable Costumes and Accessories for Holiday Rally – CDMMS Cheer
Camera & Accessories – Academy of Global Studies
Reusable Bows – CDMMS Cheer
Large Cheer Mats – Student Activities (Co Funded with PTA)
Customized Boxes for Football Games – CDMHS Cheer & Song
School Beautification/Spirit Projects – ASB

Literature Handbooks, Map Poster, DVD’s, and Literature Level 2Athletic Trainer for AP Spanish
Compasses used in Integrated Geometry for Teachers to Have Class Sets for MS and HS Math
3D Molecular Design Kits for DNA, Membranes, & Central Dogma for All Levels of Biology
Career/Counseling Software Program Used by Counseling Dept for Sophomore Class
TI-30Xa Calculator for Each Math Teacher to Have Set of 24 for MS and HS Math
Peter Pugger Pug Mill to Recycle Used Clay for Ceramics (split funding with PTA)
Spectrometer, Fiber Optic Cable, and Power Supply for High School Physics
3D Printing Supplies and Equipment for Middle School Technology Wheel
Drying Rack, Storage Shelving, and Display Podium for Art Department
Hand Weights, Yoga Blocks, and Resistance Bands for Yoga & PE
Goggles and Sanitizer used in Chemistry Labs for AP Chemistry
Learning Resource Center (LRC) Technology Related Expenses
Balances and Hot Plates for Middle School Physical Science
Magnetic Balls Used in Labs for 8th Grade Physical Science
Recording Equipment for Academy of Global Studies (AGS)
Review Books and Solution Manuals for AP Calculus AB
Carlos Tosti Awards
Supplies, Snacks, and Events for One Recovery
Youth & Government (Y&G) Transportation to Sacramento
CNC Router and Additional Tech Components for Triton Tech Robotics
Spirit Flags used at Sporting Events for SPARKLE Special Needs Cheer Team
Tumbling Mats and Speaker for Games/Practice for Pep Squad (Cheer & Song)
Foam Spirit Sticks and Pink Bows to Support Pink Out Games for Pep Squad (Cheer & Song)
Modify Bridgeport Mill, Materials to Build Additional Robot, & Supplies for Triton Tech Robotics
Apple Laptop for Orchesis Dance Team
Bluetooth PA System and Metronome for Drumline & All Musical Groups
10 Cases of Lacrosse Balls and 8 Cascade R Helmets for Boys Lacrosse
Weight Belts, Stretch Cords, and Ball Rebounder for Boys Water Polo
45 Embroidered Backpacks and 10 Volleyballs for Boys Volleyball
Reusable Equipment Bags for each Athlete for Girls Volleyball
Championship Boards and Banners for Girls and Boys Tennis
iPad, Apple Pencil, and Smart Keyboard for Girls Water Polo
Game Balls and Batting Tee Replacement Tube for Softball
Medicine Balls for all Athletics Teams and PE Classes
Basketballs and Storage Rack for Boys Basketball
Reusable Pre-game Warmups for Girls Basketball
Reusable Football Jerseys and Pants for Football
Screens and 40 Dozen Baseballs for Baseball
Tennis Ball Mower for Girls and Boys Tennis
2-Piece Reusable Uniforms for Wrestling
Reusable Uniforms for Girls Lacrosse
Reusable Uniforms for Girls Soccer
Starter Blocks for Track and Field
50 Soccer Balls for Boys Soccer

Lab weight sets for 8th grade physical science
Table fans for Physical Science Department
Review books and solutions manuals for AP Calculus
WebAssign Support for Honors Chemistry
Materials for Biotechnology Unit for AP Biology
Common Core materials for Middle School Math
7th grade World History class sets of Nystrum World Atlas/Activity Curriculum
Winter coats for Madrigal Singers Program
Krossover online video for Girls’ Basketball
Materials for Physics Department to complete 3 class projects applying principles in creative matter
Spectrum tubes and power supply for Science Department
Speakers for World History and computer lab instruction
Reading Comprehension program for Special Education
Reusable Middle School Boys’ Soccer uniforms
EZ ups and table covers for Waterpolo and Swim Teams
Hurdle set and resistance training for Girls’ Softball
Field flags for Boys’ Baseball
New replacement helmets for Boys’ Football Program
EZ up for Boys’ Soccer Program
Volleyballs, nets, and anchors for Boys’ Program
New balls for Boys’ Lacrosse Program
Timing clock, case, and generator for Track and Field

September 2014

  • 10 HP laptops for the Physics/STEM department
  • Staples gift cards for teachers’ supplies
  • Readers/teaching aids for French
  • New standardized choral notebooks for Madrigal singers/Choir

October 2014

  • Training equipment for strength and conditioning for boys’ lacrosse
  • 1 year subscription to BrainPopEspanol website for Spanish

November 2014

  • PULP Literary Magazine publishing and printing
  • Krossover video/stats recording service for girl’s basketball team

December 2014

  • 1 year subscription to Artstor for art and literary archives for A.P. Art History, American History, A.P. Euro, and A.P. World History students
  • Middle School math printer
  • EZ up for boy’s lacrosse
  • Whiteboards and CD player for Spanish
  • Balls for boy’s volleyball team
  • Common core assessments for Middle School U.S. History
  • Microphones for world language laptops

January 2015

  • New lab equipment for Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, and A.P. Chemistry classes
  • Movable set bases and reusable set props for Orchesis and Drama/Theater productions
  • New practice and training balls for girls‘ Water Polo program
  • New helmets for boys’ football program

February 2015

  • Travel cart for Girls’ and ball mower for Boys’ Tennis teams
  • Rebounder equipment for Boys’ Lacrosse team
  • Physics & STEM Department: 10 HP 450-G1 Notebook Computers
  • Foreign Language Department: Classroom sets of required reading
  • US History: Middle school teaching kits, books and teaching aids
  • Digital Arts Department: Training videos, online access to coursework
  • Pep Squad/Cheer: Reusable breakaway signs
  • Spanish Department: Learning tools, activity kits, DVD’s, CD’s
  • Art/Art History: Ipad mini
  • Statistics: Nspire calculator
  • Boys Basketball: DVD player and LCD projector
  • Drama: Ipad, apple TV, HDMI cable
  • Girls Water Polo: Team gear and equipment
  • Chemistry: Ipad
  • Art & Literature Club: Publish school literary and arts magazine
  • Social Sciences: Bi-weekly current event magazine for all levels
  • Girls Softball: Softball equipment, drag mat, balls and catchers gear
  • Youth & Government: Registration fees
  • Special Education: Ipads
  • Boys Volleyball: Volleyball equipment
  • AP Testing: Foreign language tape recorders and boombox
  • Girls Lacrosse: Pop-up tents
  • Orchesis: Reusable sets for yearly productions in new theater
  • Boys Soccer: 6 training mannequins


  • Bi-weekly news magazine for Government & Economic Classes
  • Purchased industrial paper cutter for World Languages department
  • Specialized cleaning equipment for school sand volleyball courts


  • Helped fund Nixon Library field trip for all U.S. History classes
  • Purchased smart board and two ipads for Special Education
  • Purchased new soccer balls for Girls Soccer
  • Purchased EZ-ups for the Surf Team & CdM Athletic Departments
  • Purchased recess equipment to be enjoyed by Best Buddies impacting hundreds of students
  • Purchased a large abacus machine for Special Education Department


  • Microscopes for ALL Middle School Science classes
  • Orchesis/Cheer/Song & Drama nine full length, free standing mirrors
  • Special Ed language and video modeling programs for autistic students
  • Partial funding of Drum Line equipment & instruments that will benefit all CdM students by enhancing school spirit at rallies & games


  • Youth & Government advisor’s registration fees to state conference
  • Equipment for Physics and AP Physics
  • Kettle bells for Boys Volleyball
  • 2 goals & 2 nets for Girls Lacrosse


  • Softballs, catcher’s gear, 24 batting helmets & tarps for Girls Softball
  • Locker relocation project for Boys Baseball


  • PE Equipment to be utilized by all grade levels
  • Adapted PE equipment for Special Education
  • 4 Ping Pong Tables for Middle & High School Use
  • AED device for Boys Lacrosse Program
  • Apple Laptop for Dance/Orchesis
  • 3 presentation remotes for Math Department
  • Tennis Balls, new scoreboard & signs for Girls Tennis


  • 10 new Schutt Vengeance Football Helmets for CdM Football
  • Funding for 5 National Championship Banners for CdM Gym
  • CD Stereo System for Spanish Classe


  • Boys basketball jump ropes and medicine balls
  • PAL banners for theme weeks
  • Joining with Foundation & PTA to fund remodeling of Student Resource Center


  • Special Education Department ipads and technology support
  • Boys volleyball framed jerseys of standout alumni
  • Girls tennis fencing & sign replacement
  • Art department tables and stools
  • Track high jump standards, starting blocks and hurdles
  • Boys baseball artificial turf for new locker area
  • 8th grade Physical Science department Casio calculators (85)
  • Earth & Physical Science ring stands and 32 rings
  • French Department teaching supplies
  • Spanish Department teaching supplies


  • Partial funding for clay, glaze, wooden tools and a wheel for High School and Middle School Ceramics.
  • Review books for AP Calculus BC for High School Calculus


  • An AirCat volleyball server for Girls and Boys Volleyball
  • Batting Helmets for CdM Baseball
  • Partial funding for a speaker for PAL during Appreciating Diversity Day
  • Tools for Art
  • A True Stretch Cage for Girls and Boys Golf


  • 2 Vertimax Training Systems for Boys Soccer
  • 2 ipads to facilitate communication and language development for the children with Autism at CDM.
  • Educational items for Middle School History
  • Supplemental funding for the Youth in Government Camp Roberts Trip
  • Spring Scales for Physical Science and Physics


  • Basketballs for the Boys Basketball Team
  • Uniforms for the Girls Basketball Team
  • Plyo boxes for the Football Team
  • Blood pressure cuff and sleeves for the Nurses Office
  • Replacement of the existing championship signs for CDM Tennis


  • A field trip for AP Environmental Science
  • Installation of lights for the batting cages for Boys Baseball
  • Collapsible round garment racks for Orchesis
  • Lacrosse equipment for the Girls Lacrosse Team
  • A field trip for the SDC students
  • 8 electronic balance scales for Middle School Biology
  • Supplemental trip funding for Youth and Government
  • A flat screen TV for the Athletic Office


  • 36 “Quizdom” remote sets and software for AP Physics and the California Standards test questions
  • Additional lab stools for the Physical Science and AP Physics classroom
  • 5 Defense Mannequins for Boy’s Basketball
  • United States History Curriculum Program for Middle School World History
  • Funding for updating and refurbishing the sound system for Middle School and High School Dance
  • White Boards for High School Spanish classroom


  • Partial funding for a new storage unit for High School Boys Soccer
  • Partial funding for game balls, tennis nets and equipment for High School Girls Soccer
  • Partial funding to the AP teachers for test preparation 12 Spalding Volleyballs, 6 BOSU Balance Trainers, and 4 Stability Balls for the High School Volley Ball team


  • 40 Volleyball-Lites, 4 Volleyball Trainers, 2 Training Platforms, 4 Gopher D-Lite Balls, 4 Gopher D-Lite Bladders, and 40 balls for Takraw. This funding is for High School and Middle School P.E.
  • 3 8 x 8 Pitch Back Screens for High School Baseball
  • 1 EZ UP tent for Track and Cross Country for High School and Middle School Cross Country
  • New York Times Bi-Weekly Scholastic Upfront Magazine for all Social Science Students


  • A megaphone with a microphone, a video camera and a tri-pod for the Surf Team
  • Equipment bags for Varsity Lacrosse
  • A Husqvarna Viking sewing and embroidery machine for the high school and middle school
  • New benches for the new tennis courts
  • Materials for the high school and middle school Spanish curriculum


  • Awards for the Salsa Dance Competition
  • Electronic Scoreboard for Lacrosse and Soccer
  • 3 IPads for the Preforming Arts Program


  • Altus Comfort Pilates Mat for Cheer, Orchesis and Middle School Dance.
  • Youth and Government Advisor Registrations.
  • Portable Sound System for CdM Counseling Department.
  • Computer Software for Game Analysis of Boys and Girls Water Polo.
  • Final Cut Express 4 Academic, a software program for editing videos. Purchased for the HRC and the CdM Service Learning Center.


  • Girls Volleyball Equipment
  • Girls Lacrosse Equipment
  • Boys Basketball Equipment
  • Funding for a Pitching Machine
  • Funding towards Football Equipment
  • Girls Basketball Equipment
  • Wrestling Equipment


  • Unity Assembly
  • Art/Art History Upgraded technology equipment
  • Document camera’s for two Chemistry classrooms
  • Calculators, stop watches, frisbee and scale for Statistics
  • Basketballs for Girls Middle School, Frosh-Soph, JV and Varsity
  • Locking Built-In Cabinets for Orchesis Dance/Intermediate Dance
  • Soccer Goals for Boys and Girls Soccer
  • Wrestling Mat for Boys Wrestling


  • DVD Player for French and Spanish classes


  • Staff Development
  • Projector Replacement Bulbs
  • Document Cameral for 7th/8th grade science


  • Stopwatches, Discus, Track Spikes for Track and Field
  • Funding for Academic Letter and Awards Night
  • Weight lifting bars for Boys Volleyball and Football


  • Salsa Dance Festival
  • US History Field Trip for all US History Students
  • Video Equipment for Girls and Boys Tennis


  • Qwizdom system for Science Department
  • Special Test Scanner for World Languages


  • Projector for Boys Basketball
  • Training Aids for Boys Baseball
  • Sub for AP Psychology


  • Tennis Ball Mower and Ball Carts
  • Girls Volleyball-Volleyballs, ball cart
  • Books for AP Spanish
  • Counseling-Portable Lectern, AV Cart, Easel
  • Physics-CPO cars & ramps and balloon launchers
  • Middle School Cheer-mats
  • CDM Football – Weight lifting weather covers
  • French-Educational videos
  • Physical Education-Badminton Rackets, storage cart, ping pong paddles and balls
  • Lacrosse- Repair of bleachers
  • Math-Math Kit Collection
  • Girls Waterpolo-game caps

September 2008

  • New Ice Machine for Athletic Training Room to service all athletic programs.
  • Choral riser, 4 back safety rails, riser cart and siderail- Music Department.
  • Staff Development for teachers.
  • Funding for Grading Days for teachers.

October 2008

  • Guest speakers, buses and supplies for PAMA
  • DVD/VCR, speakers for AP English and AP Psychology

November 2008

  • Service and repair of kiln for ceramics
  • Stop watch’s for Math/Statistics
  • Volleyballs, travel/equipment bags for boys volleyball

January 2009

  • 20 practice vests, 20 soccer balls, 2 soccer goal nets, 68 cones for boys soccer


  • Portable sound system for Middle School Cheer
  • Bunsen Burner tubing connectors for Chemistry
  • Rangefinders for Boys and Girls Golf Teams
  • Storage Bin for Girls Lacrosse


  • Field trip for all U.S. History students to Richard Nixon Library
  • Custom storage cabinets in the gym
  • Wall pads in small gym behind each main basket (safety issue) & replace broken floor plate
  • Portable sound system to be used in small gym for middle school events, sports activities, and lunch time activities
  • Annual Salsa Dance competition for Spanish Students.
  • Money for staff development


  • Covered part of cost for new copy machine housed in the library
  • Folding exercise mats, replacement nets for floating water polo goals, water polo balls for girls water polo
  • 2 pop-up shade structures and tennis balls for boys and girls tennis
  • Professional home plate tarp, industrial grade brooms & rakes, infield grass protection tarp for boys baseball


  • Funds to go towards Field Renovation Project
  • Funds to upgrade sound system in theatre
  • Registration fees for counselors to attend Naviance Computer Training
  • Footballs, kicking tees and extra point tees for football
  • Volleyballs, net and line for volleyball
  • Dvd’s to be used for wrestling room